BFA Structure & Philosophy

Little Lions:

2 - 4 years old​

  • Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Social Development



Foundation Phase:

5 - 11 years old​

  • Develop basic understanding of attacking & Defending

  • Learn to "love the game" 

  • High Levels of technical repetition work

  • Players to enjoy playing in positive environment created

Development Phase:

11 - 16 years old​

  • Understand attacking / defending / transition principles

  • Develop both technical and tactical aspects of the game

  • Understand roles and responsibilities

  • Be competitive

  • Players take ownership of their own development / become more independent thinkers of the game

We have distinct phases at BFA, our philosophy will differ within each phase to enable all players to develop and progress through our system to reach their full potential. All our teams will demonstrate varying levels and abilities to:


  • Play out from the back

  • Play through the thirds

  • Creative and Inventive in final 3rd

  • Create goalscoring opportunities from wide areas

  • Counter Attack

  • Press from front with high tempo

  • Defend as units, individuals and as a team

  • Defend counter attacks

  • Work hard and show the right attitude in everything that we do


At BFA we believe in "Children first, Footballers second" during all our sessions and games, our coaches ensure that first and foremost all players have fun, this is essential for any learning to take place

All our coaches are expected to have a great rapport with the children, creating bonds and getting to know them individually.

Each session that we conduct at BFA is carefully planned via Sport Session Planner, and is based on the age of the players, the topic of the week and the individual players within the session. The coach ensures each player in their session is challenged based on their ability, this level of detail provides BFA players with the best platform for learning in Singapore.

We provide coaching that is tailored to ensure that the players figure solutions for themselves and are not always told what to do, questions are a major part of our coaching philosophy, this allows us to check understanding and ensure the players are learning.








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