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Little Lions

Ages 2 - 5 years old

For our Little Lions, the focus is on fun, fundamental movement skills, and developing good behaviours. The main aim to make sessions fun, and to ensure that children want to continue playing sport. Coaches will also look to develop fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) and introduce some basic football-specific skills. To prepare children for the Foundation Phase, a big emphasis is put on developing good behaviours and values such as hard work, respect, listening skills and teamwork.

Foundation Phase

Ages 6 - 10 years old

Our foundation phase is probably the most important time in a Childs football life, here they start to be part of a team, socialise with peers, begin to understand winning and losing. It is a delicate balance of enjoyment and learning but at BFA the main aim at the age is to love the game, be free to make mistakes and not be criticised for it, embrace creativity and encourage confidence not just in their football but in their character

Foundation Phase Philosophy:

  • Develop a basic understanding of Attacking & Defending

  • Learn to "Love the Game" - stay in love

  • High levels of technical repetition work

  • Players to enjoy playing in the positive environment created

Foundation Phase Teams: Boys & Girls Teams

We will have teams that play in games starting from under 6, throughout this phase there will be no focus on winning games, we need the children to love the game and understand the process it takes to improve. Each game we play in this phase the emphasis will be on individual and team targets, when this is constantly emphasised at this age the culture of the kids and the club is less about winning and more about the focus on improving. Parents will have a huge part to play in this philosophy and we strongly encourage no sideline shouting at games other than positive encouragement, leave the coaching to the coach!

At under 9 and under 10 ages there is an Elite programme that will run alongside the academy programme. For more information about the Elite Programme please click here

Development Phase

Ages 11 - 16 years old

This phase is where the focus shifts to a more competitive programme, here we are looking for our teams to learn how to win games, but also understand why they lose. The training will be more complex and intense as the players mature into young adults. During this phase the players will be exposed to new training techniques such as strength and conditioning, performance analysis and work experience where each year they will learn how to coach and lead a group of younger BFA players in a training session through our young leaders scheme. 

Development Phase Philosophy:

  • Understand attacking/defending/transition principles

  • Develop both technical & tactical aspects of the game

  • Understand roles and responsibilities

  • Be competitive

  • Players take ownership of their own development/become more independent thinkers of the game

As with the foundation phase there are numerous boys and girls teams in the development phase, from recreational to academy and then our Elite programme for more information about our elite programme please click here

Post Academy 17+

Once a player is coming to the end of their youth football career it can be quite daunting figuring out what they want to do, if they are excelling at Football do they try to become professional or is it time to focus on college and universities? We are able to help in both aspects with strong links to professional academies in UK and Europe as well as colleges and universities around the globe where your son / daughter can continue playing competitively but also get a great education. 

Our player pathway throughout the time they are with BFA is clear and we help guide them through their football and personal journey as soon as they start with us wherever that may be.

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