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Age: 30
Where are you from? halifax, england
How long have you lived in Singapore: nearly 4 years
Favourite football team: fc halifax town
Favourite sport outside football: athletics/running
Favourite player: lionel messi
Fest moment in football/coaching: winning trophy at wembley with fc halifax
Favourite film: cool runnings
Favourite song: aint no mountain high enough - marvin gaye

Tell us about your football career as a child:
I started at 9 years old at my local club called Elland athletic as a defender, then moved to striker. At 11 I joined the Leeds United development squad for 6 months but was not taken into the academy team. After this I joined FC Halifax Town at 12 and was there until I was 16. We were lucky enough to go to Sicily and train with AC Milan for a week during my time there.
Midway through this, at 14, I was taken on trial at Championship side Sheffield Wednesday, but again, unfortunately, was not taken on so I stayed at FC Halifax until I was 16 when I moved into semi-professional football with a team called Bradford Park Avenue, where I was lucky enough to captain the under 18 sides in the FA Youth Cup.
I struggled with injuries that are well known by everyone at BFA, I was called Sicknote at many of my old clubs. Football was my life as a child and I loved every moment of it.

How did you get into coaching:

When I realised I was not going to be good enough to be a professional ( quite early on in my career! ) I used to volunteer at my secondary school with the PE department helping with camps and PE lessons. I also volunteered at a local kids football team where I worked with the under 9's team which I found extremely daunting at 15/16 years old!

From there I found I enjoyed coaching and working with kids so much that I applied to go to university to study Sports Coaching. During my final year my old coach from FC Halifax Town offered me a role in Sports Science in professional football teams around England, and I started full time after I finished university. Working with these professional teams and players in Sports Science I realised that I missed working on the football coaching side , which led to me re-joining my schoolboy team FC Halifax Town to coach their academy and college players; 2 years later I made the massive move to Singapore and now I get to work with great kids and players at BFA.