Open Age League


  • Goalkeepers, there will be a dedicated goalkeeper, with the size of the field not being too large the goalkeeper could also act as the defender when attacking. You can rotate the goalkeepers as many times as you want

  • The goal size at the moment is 8 x 6, we are looking at purchasing bigger steel goals however with 4 v 4 we don’t want the goals to be too big for the pitch as people will just shoot from everywhere.

  • For those who have 2 teams entered, you can mix and match squads but please do not mix and match squads during a match day .

  • Timings. The matches will be around 2 x 20 minutes max, the original 2 x 25 minutes stated is the time we have to complete one half with the extra 5 minutes giving us some leeway in case we start late.

  • The pitches are placed on a full 11 a side field, they will be clearly marked with cones and a GKs box marked with flat markers

  • Rules: Throw ins and corners as usual, no offsides, indirect free kicks